A few things about Atkeisson

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A few things about Atkeisson
  • I like more creamer than coffee in my cup. (Hazelnut, mostly.)
  • My favorite color is pink. (Orange is a close second. Third is navy blue.)
  • I am an English Major.
  • I am very bad at tumblr.
  • I strongly recommend these movies in your life:
About Time

The Lego Movie 

Love Actually

We Bought a Zoo


  • My favorite actress is a tie between Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lawrence. 
  • I still love Sailor Moon, Disney Princesses, and Pokemon.
  • While I enjoyed LEGOs, I mostly enjoy building things with them. This hobby grew even further in Sims games, where I can make all the houses.
  • I absolutely adore Allie Brosh (‘Hyperbole & a Half’)
  • I am an optimist to a fault.
  • I am loyal to a fault, so I pick my friends carefully.
  • I think this is an absolute must-read for everyone: Perfectionism.
  • I enjoy confrontation because business gets taken care of immediately, but at the same time, there are still some people I would rather avoid than confront.
  • Until 2010, I was a compulsive liar. A good one.
  • Since I was twelve, I have had manic depressive disorder, severe, recurrent.
  • I am blind without my glasses/contacts. I have astigmatism as well.
  • I am a ginger. The sun hurts and connect-the-dot-freckles are the best tan I’ll ever get.
  • I enjoy videogames a lot. I have met a lot of my most personal friendships over MMORPGs.
  • I am a mother and a wife.
  • I have 10 siblings, including 1 blood related, 1 half-blood related, and 8 step-siblings. My parents are divorced and each household regularly had 5-6 children. Most of my step-siblings have moved on and never look back, and this truly upsets me because I believe relationships, even with siblings, are stronger than blood.
  • I like all kinds of music. Seriously, I will listen to anything once before I judge it. That being said, I like songs more than I like the artist, album, or gossip around either

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