Sunday, June 23, 2013

Write a Letter to your 10-Year-Old Self.

SoulPancake created a video in which a few people wrote letters to their 10-year-old selves. Watch it, and then think... What would you write to your 10-year-old self?

Dear 10-Year-Old Miranda, 
I know that right now, life sucks. Mom's found this new guy Tim, and Dad is seeing different women as well, some of which you are going to absolutely hate. Be strong. It gets better. Tim turns in to this amazing guy that you even call Dad nowadays, and one of the women Dad meets, Lori, becomes his wife and though your start is rough, very rough, by the time you have your own son, you're both grown up and ready to be related - and like it! 
Old Self, remember that Caitlin is only 3 or 4 years old right now, and she needs you most of all. She won't have those memories you do of Dad, and she'll be easier accepting of Tim. Maybe it's cause her mind isn't clouded by judgement and fond memories of your dad, that she's more accepting of this new man. Follow her lead. Tim's awesome. 
Old Self, you're also getting two new brothers (and a sister much later), and they are going to be total brats. That's okay, because they are going to grow up to be fine young gentlemen. We still don't hear from Chris since he's gone to college, but when we DO see him around holidays, he seems to be doing just fine. Geraden will meet this girl named Hayley, and she's pretty fantastic. When he's with her, he's a new person, and I think he's growing up to be a great guy. Right now, they still aren't attached to the idea of being real siblings with you and Caitlin, but.. Don't ever lose hope. I still haven't. 
Old Self, when you're 17 on Valentine's Day, and your friend Holly calls you to thank you for the Valentine's Card you left for her on her car windshield.. Don't be scared. You're going to flip your car a total of four times across the construction of State Highway 121. You live! In fact, you hardly even get scratched save for the memory loss you'll suffer. It's actually hard to write to you right now, because I can't remember much! 
Old Self, one of the hardest lessons you'll learn, you'll learn when you've graduated high school. When no one has to see you any more at school and lie to your face, they'll tell you the truth in a facebook message. They'll tell you about how no one really liked you during Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year.. Basically you're entire existence at Guyer. They'll tell you that because of the hard times you went through, and how you reacted to them by crying at school all the time, no one wanted to be your friend, and at some times, they even believed you worthless. 
You. Are Not. Worthless. 
When this happens, remember the year you moved to The Colony and started school with April. She's basically going to be your entire life until you move to Alabama. You'll have so much fun with her, that you'll forget about the others who were so cruel. Later on, when you accept Christ in to your heart, you'll even come to forgive the others for being so hateful. We were all teenagers, and you and I are no exception to the hard times that come with being one. High School is totally brutal, and you'll want to give up quite a few times.  
Don't. Just remember, when you graduate, things get pretty interesting.  
One last thing.. When you become a Freshman and you spend a few months living with your dad in Van Alstyne, and you can't stand the small town you live in cause there's nothing to do, and everyone seems to look at you like an outsider.... When you meet him, when you meet Matthew and tell yourself "That's the guy I'm going to marry." 
.. You totally called it. You're living happily ever after with a 3-year-old. 
Twenty-Two Year Old Me. 

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