Monday, March 17, 2014

QOTD: Friends vs Family

QOTD: What is most important to you, family or friends (or close/best friends)? Why?

"Family, because family isn't blood. Family is love and those that are there for me and that I would stick with through everything. You and M. B. and your whole family is a prime example of that. I consider all of you family, but we don't share a drop of blood. So definitely family, because my definition of family is not rooted in biology but in my heart and in my past."

"Trick question. My friends are as much my family as my blood relatives and in some cases more so. My fellow students in my coven, my guild mates, my best friend, my close friends, friends I haven't seen in years but still think about. I would go to bat for all of them. They are all brothers and sisters. It doesn't matter if it's through blood or circumstance, not one of them is more important to me than the others with the exception of J. L."
-J. L.

"I actually agree fully with K. G.. Family isn't blood. Family is love. We typically put up with family members who are related by blood, but... Well, to quote my great and late Grandma Ginny, "You have to earn trust." Trust is something infinitely important and precious in love and family. Without it, relationships crumble- whether or not you had the blood trump card to begin with. I've learned... and am still learning, that in this life it's best to surround yourself with the people you care most about and who care most about you. So... family, blood or not."
-H. Z.

" "Family, because family isn't blood." YES! I agree with K. G."
-A. M.

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