Friday, March 14, 2014

QOTD: Opinions on Operation Smoke

So this happened.

In summary, a new operation in Tennessee is going down in which you can be ticketed for not paying full attention to the road when driving. (Putting on making up, eating, talking on phone, etc..) 

QOTD: In your opinion, is this a good idea? Should we do it in every state? Why or why not? Is it too controlling? Is safety worth it? Is it not worth it? Gimme your answers!

"I think that it's good to try getting drivers to practice safer driving habits... and safety would DEFINITELY be worth it-- But I don't agree with this. It feels too intrusive to me. Like some over-controlling sci-fi metropolis with drones hovering above you, waiting for you to mess up. But who knows? Maybe this will be like airport security now. Less privacy in the name of security... on this will be saving us from ourselves and other drivers on the road? Nah, still seems messed up, to me."
-H. Z.

I'm actually kind of disappointed that this one didn't get more responses. I would have loved to hear anyone who thought this was a good idea - not for ridicule or anything, but because I desperately wanted to see the 'bright side' or beneficial side of this operation. 

Oh well.

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