Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dentist Don't Do PAPs.

So I walk in to this building and I'm like, "Hey I'd like to make an appointment for me and my son." So we are hashing out details of appointment time and they ask, "Has Eli got his shots up to date?" I reply that I am pretty sure but I can get records if they need. Into sure why they asked me that cause I only needed dental work but who knows these days. So after a few more details she asks me if I would like a PAP.
... I stop and look at her bewildered. What an odd question for a dentist. Right?
"I am at a Dentist office right? Haha"
"You're at Family Medical of Melissa. The dentist is the next door over!"
"...........lets forget this happened!"
And I am blushing so hard right now.

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