Sunday, February 9, 2014

The things I tell myself when I'm most upset.

You are never going to be good enough.
You are worth nothing.
If you died today, people would miss you, but you've done nothing significant in your life. "You've made, Eli, Atkeisson!" Yes, well I am not the only mother in the world, nor will I be the last.
I hate you when you're angry. You're so hateful. 
You don't deserve the things you have.
You will never get better. You'll always be sick.
You are not delightful.
Your presence is only welcome when you're happy. No one wants to see you angry, sad, or otherwise upset. Stop being that.
These are the reasons you'll never have a successful relationship with anyone, friend or otherwise.
You don't do enough. You don't work enough. You don't play with Eli enough. You don't sleep enough. You don't work out enough.
You're always going to be overweight, and you will never be happy with your body again.
Because you are a woman who didn't want to have children, yet you have a child, you don't deserve your child. You'll never love your child as much as women who always wanted children. 
Your child will never love you. That 'I hope you have a child who is as awful as you are to me!' curse parents give their children? It's going to happen to you, and Eli will never love you.
Why are you even on this planet? Why are you even alive?
People are going to think you're posting this nonsense for attention, for pity, rather than in hopes to come back later on the offchance you'll be more pleasant to come find brightsides for all of your negativity. They'll call you a drama queen. Get over it. Depressed? Get happy. Angry? Get glad. Get over yourself.
You care too much what other people think.
One of my resolutions was to make positive posts every time I have a negative. To find a bright side to everything.
Today is not that day. Maybe tomorrow.

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